The Network graphs available below are intended for use in the open-source Gephi software. More information about this software as well as links to download the software can be found at

Network Graphs

All references in the Zibaldone di pensieri (.gephi) (.CSV)

Select the pre-rendered Gephi file (.gephi) if you have Gephi installed and would like to quickly see a network map of all references in the Zibaldone. Select this CSV edge file if you would like to manipulate or generate new network maps in Gephi or other network graphing software. Instructions for opening this file in Gephi are below. You may also view the graph with the online graph viewer. (Note that this may take some time to load.)

Graph 1 (.gephi)
Themes graph (.gephi)
Sample thematic graph from 1827 Index displaying Immaginazione, quanto serva al filosofare. (.gephi)
Sample thematic graph from Partial Index displaying Teorica delle arti, lettere ec. Parte practica, storica ec. (.gephi)
Paragraph references by theme, 1827 Index (.gephi)
Paragraph references by theme, Partial Index (.gephi)


Number of dated entries per month and year
Themes by month
PNR Index related themes



Instructions for opening files in Gephi

If you have not done so already, download and install Gephi from
Download all-references.csv to your computer, by right clicking on the link and selecting 'save as..'.
Open Gephi and select 'Open' from the File menu. Navigate to all-references.csv and click 'Open' to open the file in Gephi.
In the resulting window labeled 'Import report', click 'OK'. A visualization similar to the one pictured to the upper-right should appear.
From the left-hand Layout menu in Gephi, select 'Yifan Hu' or other layout routine.
You can turn on node labels and change the format of those labels in the toolbar found along the bottom edge of the visualization screen.