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31. Marzo. 1827.

[4267,3]  Τhe ancients (to say the least of them) had as much genius as we; they constantly applied themselves not only to that art, but to that single branch of an art, to which their talent was most powerfully bent; and it was the business of their lives to correct and finish their works for posterity. If we can pretend to have used the same industry, let us expect the same immortality: Though, if we took the same care, we should still lie under a farther misfortune: Τhey writ in languages that became universal and everlasting, while ours are extremely limited both in extent and {in} duration. A mighty foundation for our pride! when the utmost we can hope, is but to be read in one island, and to be thrown aside at the end of an age. *  4268 Pope Prefazione generale alla Collezione delle sue Opere {giovanili (Collezione pubblicata nel 1717.)} data Nov. 10. 1716. Pope era nato del 1688.
[4268,1]  Τhe muses are amicae omnium horarum; and, like our gay acquaintance, the best company in the world, as long as one expects no real service from them. * Ibid.
[4268,2]  We spend our youth in pursuit of riches or fame, in hopes to enjoy them when we are old; and when we are old, we find it is too late to enjoy any thing. * Ibid. (31. Marzo. 1827.).